FAQ for CIG Financial to AutoNation Finance

Starting June 1st, 2024, CIG Financial will officially be doing business as AutoNation Finance. Please be assured that everything else will stay the same, ensuring a seamless transition for our valued customers. We appreciate your continued trust and look forward to serving you under our new name!

Why the new name, you ask?
AutoNation acquired CIG Financial to provide seamless, one-stop financing solutions for AutoNation customers. This acquisition also allows CIG Financial customers to enjoy some of the vehicle sales and support services available through AutoNation. Bringing all of the solutions and services under the name AutoNation Finance will make it easier for CIG Financial customers to be part of this wider, more exciting automobile sales and financing experience. CIG Financial, LLC will now be doing business as AutoNation Finance.
Will I need to call a different number for assistance?
You can reach us at the same friendly number you’ve always dialed for Customer Service: 877-244-4442. We’re here for you!
Any changes to where I mail my payment?
Great news! You can still send your payment to the same addresses you’ve always used. We’re keeping it simple for you!
How about ACH payments?
If you’ve got ACH set up with us, there’s no need to make any changes. We’ll smoothly continue processing your monthly payments with the existing ACH details we have on file.
My payments are made through my bank’s bill-pay service. Any changes?
If your payments roll in through your bank’s bill-pay service and are directed to CIG Financial, no changes are necessary. Your payments are still on point and all set for AutoNation Finance!