About Us

Our Mission Statement

CIG Financial, recognized by customers, associates, and business partners as the auto finance industry’s premier specialty lender, operates with the highest standard of integrity. CIG is a company that is built to last, fostering a supportive and rewarding environment for our associates and provide value for our customers, while providing stellar financial results.

Our Core Values

A Relentless Quest

We do the right thing

  • Operate with integrity
  • Helping others; our customers, our fellow associates and people in the community

We create an environment that fosters a rewarding life

  • Appreciating that our people are the foundation of our company
  • Recognizing efforts and rewarding results
  • Enjoying what we do

We are committed to a relentless quest for excellence

  • Continuously learning and improving
  • Seeking and Embracing change
  • Providing the support that allows each of us to be our best
  • Producing stellar financial results