FAQ for Dealers

When can I expect to receive the title for a paid off account?

Within 10 business days. If they have not received, please email titles@cigfinancial.com.

How do I update my information (i.e. contact info, ACH info, etc)

Email any updated contact info to Dealer-Administration@cigfinancial.com
***If updating ACH info, please fill out the attached ACH form and have it signed by owner and provide a copy of voided check/bank letter to Dealer-administration@cigfinancial.com.
****If dealer moved location, please provide a copy of the new DMV license for the dealership to Dealer-administration@cigfinancial.com.

How do I submit a Validated Registration (VR)/ Lien Receipt?

Please email registrations to Titles@cigfinancial.com

How do I get a payoff quote?
You can get a payoff quote at this link or call customer service.