Dealership Application Process

Documents Required from CIG Financial

  • CIG Financial Dealer Agreement – signed by all officers/owners
  • CIG Financial Dealer Reserve Addendum – signed by all officer/owner
  • Agreement for Entitlement (CA ONLY) – signed by officer/owner
  • CIG Financial Dealer Application – signed by all officers/owners
  • Qualification Statement – filled out by all officers/owners
  • Signature Card-signed by an owner
  • ACH form signed by officer/owner

Additional Documents Required from Dealer Records

  • Copy of DMV license
  • Copy of Business license
  • Copy of Seller’s Permit/Sales Tax license
  • Copy of Surety Bond-please provide the first page of the bond. (Independent dealers only)
  • Copy of Articles of Inc. or Organization (LLC) – if applicable
  • Copy of Voided check or letter from the bank that includes account and routing #

3 Months of Business Bank Statements are required if:

  • Dealership has been in business for less than 6 months
  • Dealer is not a homeowner or if home under spouse’s name
  • Inside Sales territories require bank statements

Please click the appropriate link below to begin the process of becoming one of our dealership partners. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local sales rep, which you can finds here.

Download CA/ALL – Franchise
Download CA/ALL States(out of state) – Franchise
Download CA/ALL States – Independents
Download CA/ALL States – Independents(out of state)